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How to Unlock Your Phone: Possible Options

It’s a common phenomenon where the service providers lock the phones to protect the exclusive service and plans. At this point, you can’t use another carrier in your phone which may offer more interesting data plans or packages. It’s the basic term “locked phone” and it’s definitely an uncomfortable situation for many people. However, most service providers lock the phone electronically instead of modifying the hardware. It means that these locks are actually breakable but different phones feature different lock complexities.


The carrier unlocks any phone is highly demanded as customers want the freedom to get the best services and plans available in the market. In other hands, they don’t want to take the costly option where they have purchased a brand new phone every time they move into another carrier. Some locked phones wouldn’t be usable as you’re traveling to other countries or continents.

The good news is that most phones can be unlocked except you’re using a non-GSM carrier.

Bad news, unlocking your phone may cancel the official warranty.

Possible Methods to Unlock Your Phones:

There are at least five methods of how to unlock your phone on every carrier including IMEI, flashing, and unlocking software. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages and it’s possible that they deal with how much time you want to dedicate on unlocking your device. These methods should work for every phone model you have. You should be able to unlock any Samsung, iPhone or every other known brand found in our list on this website.

Unlocking IMEI

The most traditional way of service providers secure their lines is by locking IMEI or your phone serial number. They lock it with a secret code which is applied by designs to various types of phone. Some third party service sells the codes for particular brands or models and you can get them for some dollars. You need only to enter the codes and your phone would be unlocked right after. However, you’ll need to find a reliable code provider as there is no guarantee at all.

Flashing OS

The locks are also usually attached to the default firmware where the phone was installed with. Removing the lock can be done by flashing the firmware which means installing the compatible or stable firmware. It actually has a higher success rate but you’ll need to connect your phone into PC via USB debugging. Before everything, you should get the firmware first. You’ll also need additional USB software and flashing software to complete all the procedure. Some complex programs and steps may also be required and make this method not always user-friendly. It’s a common method of How to Carrier Unlock Android Phone to Use Any SIM for most Android devices.

Asking the Provider for The Code

The most legal way How to Unlock a Carrier-Locked Phone without PC is, of course, asking the service providers. It may take some days to weeks for your request to be granted. Once you’ve got the code, then you can input it and unlock your phone in seconds. Unlocking fees could be applied depending on the providers and/or brands/models. However, the most mobile provider would decline your request due to policy reasons. If you take a bundling plan for 1 year, then you won’t be able to unlock your phone before that time. Some of the providers even won’t provide the codes at all and if it’s your case, then this point isn’t your option.

Unlocking Software

Another way to unlock the phone is by using third-party software to generate the code. It’s certainly not the easiest way to unlock a carrier-locked phone without usb cable for sure. It’s because  you’ll need to connect your phone to PC with data cable. You’ll need to download and install the code generator software into your PC. It works by calculating the code based on certain determinant factors. There is no guarantee that you’ll get the correct code for your phone especially when your phone is newer than the date of that software was published. In other hands, downloading such software from unknown sources may expose your PC into security risks.

Unlock Your Phone Online (the easiest way)

The best and easiest way is unlocking your device online. You don't need any usb cable or special software. All you’ll need is your phone and internet connection. No need to download unlock apps or software, you’ll need only to navigate into our unlocking site from your browser and follow the instructions. Once you’ve completed them, you’ll get your phone unlocked right away.


Among these unlocking methods, the last option of carrier unlock any phones could be your best option due to the following reasons:

1. Up to Date

When it’s about the smartphone, the development including phone models, firmware, and complexity occurs rapidly. While connecting your phone to your PC via USB still require a third-party application, there are possibilities of this software being out of date or simply doesn’t work at all. Online unlocking allows the developer to release the updates easier and keep the success rate high.

2. Reputation

Providing services on-site is a strict reputation challenge for any unlocking providers. They only gain a reputation among the users and wider internet environment only if their unlocking services are working.

3. On-The-Go

It’s the only way of How to Unlock a Carrier-Locked Phone without PC by far. No cable data and other supporting devices. Technically, your phone can unlock itself as long as it’s connected to the internet and access the unlocking site. It becomes an on-the-go solution which is more effective and efficient as well.

4. Wide Range Coverage

Online unlocking your device allows you to  carrier unlock any types of phone. All you need to do is completing the form by providing information of country, network, producer, model, IMEI number, and email address. You can confirm the eligibility as you’ve found your phone model is listed. Once it’s completed, you can unlock your phone with a single tap. Captcha may be required in order to receive the unlock code.